News | Reynolds "Reimagines Urban Mobility" at CoMotion Miami Live

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On June 30th, Seleta Reynolds, METRANS Advisory Board member and General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), participated on a panel at the CoMotion Miami Live, an annual digital gathering of global mobility and transportation leaders, to discuss “Reimagining Urban Mobility for a Changed World.”


The CoMotion Lab (C-Lab) is a conference of international, national and regional stakeholders whose mission is to attract innovative ideas and technologies from around the world, test them through local pilot projects, and develop policy recommendations in various focus areas. The themes for this year’s event were:


  • Urban Air Mobility for Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Smart Curb Management + Smart Infrastructure
  • New Frameworks for Public/Private Partnerships in Transit (including Data Management and Data Governance)


With over 20 years of transportation experience in the public and private sectors, Reynolds was able to provide great insight on the various changes that will impact mobility systems and the need for greater resiliency in that field. With the rapid and massive impacts of COVID-19 taking a prominent role, she discussed the uptake in active transportation, changes in global commutes, and recommendations for building resiliency in public transit.


In addition to the immense international and local talent present at CoMotion Lab, thirty METRANS students also attended the conference, giving them the unique opportunity to interact with a number of professionals from the industry and learn from a variety of presentations and panels.