2019 Papers and Presentations

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2019 Papers and Presentations


2019 I-NUF Conference Papers and Presentations


Plenary Sessions

Opening Plenary Session Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Title:  Looking Ahead: Workforce Development for Transportation & Logistics in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Keynote Speaker:   Ian Roark, Vice President, Workforce Development, Pima Community College

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Welcome:  John Keisler, Director of Economic and Property Development, City of Long Beach

Long Beach Presentation


Plenary Session Thursday, October 17, 2019

Title: The Future of Last Touch Delivery:  Balancing Industry Needs and Community Impacts

Moderator:  Kevin Turner, Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield

Dan Floriani,
President & Co-Founder, Pacific Industrial
Noel Massie, U.S. Operations Manager, UPS (retired)
Kim Snyder, President, West Region, Prologis
Michael Maricic, International Sales Executive, FedEx


Plenary Session Friday, October 18, 2019

Title: Technology & Policy

Moderator:  Carrie Bowen, California Highway & Roads Leader, HDR

Edward Alegre,
Senior Manager, Highway Program, ITS, LA Metro
Robert Brown, Head of Public and Government Affairs, TuSimple
Marlon Flournoy, Chief, Division of Planning, Caltrans
Vince Mammano, Division Administrator California Division, FHWA



Keynote Lunch Session- Wednesday October 16, 2019

Title: Electrification of the Last Mile
Keynote Speaker:  Bernie Kotlier,
Executive Director, Labor Management Cooperation Committee and National Co-chair, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program

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Keynote Lunch Session- Thursday October 17, 2019

Special Speaker: Jordan Marks, AGL Student, Cabrillo High School, Long Beach Unified School District


Title: Goods Movement in a Changing Streetscape
Keynote Speaker:
Alison Conway, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, City College of New York

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Special Sessions

Special Session 1 - Maximizing Multimodal Connections for Improved First-/Last-Mile Freight Mobility:  Noteworthy Practices from the U.S. and Abroad jointly sponsored by FHWA, TRB Urban Freight Transportation Committee, and AASHTO

Session Moderator:  Tamiko Burnell
, Federal Highway Administration 

Jill Lemke, Manager of Strategic Planning & Special Projects, Maryland Port Authority
Daniel Pallme,
Assistant Chief of Freight and Logistics, Tennessee Department of Transportation
Scott Drumm, Director of Research and Strategic Analysis, Port of Portland

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Special Session 2 - Hyper-local and zero-emission urban deliveries via micro hubs: a solution for the future?

Session Moderator:  Wouter Dewulf,
University of Antwerp

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Anne Goodchild, University of Washington
Alison Conway, The City College of New York
Laetitia Dablanc, IFSTTAR

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Roel Gevaers, University of Antwerp/BD myShopi



Track 1-1 So What’s With this Bicycle for Last Mile Deliveries?

Title: The bicycle as contribution to the logistic efficiency of freight transport in the last mile

Presenter:  Guillermo Arcila Mena, Universidad Nacional de Colombia at Medellin

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Title: Eco-Transfer System to Foster Sustainable Last-Leg Delivery Modes

Presenter:  Sofia Perez-Guzman, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Title: Cargo bikes – A risen star in last mile pickup and delivery

Presenter:  Aanan Sutaria
, University of Antwerp

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Track 1-2 Understanding the Impacts of Last Mile Services and Behaviors

Title: CEP services in terms of sustainability - Simulating the impact of urban last-mile delivery services in terms of CO2 emission outputs

Presenter:  Marvin Auf der Landwehr,
Hochschule Hannover

Title: Consumer and business characteristics of ‘Instant Deliveries’ in Brazil: a need for new public policies

Presenter:  Leise Kelli de Oliveira, UFMG

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Title: E-Commerce Impacts on Regional Travel and Energy Use: Household Shopping and Parcel Delivery Tradeoffs

Presenter:  Monique Stinson, Argonne National Laboratory

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Title: How sustainable are home delivery concepts in an urban context? Quantifying the emission output impacts of e-grocery on different city district types

Presenter:  Maik Trott, Hochschule Hannover

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Track 1-3 Micro Hubs, Lockers and Collect Points

Title: Exploring consumers' omnichannel behaviour and the impact on last mile and sustainability

Presenter:  Heleen Buldeo Rai, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

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Title: Local “hives”: How added-value services can make micro-hubs for urban goods distribution a success

Presenter:  Ivan Dario Cardenas Barbosa, University of Antwerp

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Title: Analyzing the operational and cost impacts of pick-up points on e-commerce’s last mile distribution: the case of São Paulo, Brazil

Presenter:  Claudio B. Cunha, University of São Paulo

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Title: The Spatial Dynamics of Amazon Lockers in Los Angeles County

Presenter:  Jiawen Fang, University of Southern California

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Track 1-4 Not So Easy Finding a Space for Loading/Unloading in Cities

Title: Do commercial vehicles cruise for parking?

Presenter:  Giacomo Dalla Chiara,
University of Washington

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Title: A Quantitative and Qualitative Understanding of Curbside Access Challenges for Last Mile Delivery in Los Angeles

Presenter:  Scott Strelecki, Southern California Association of Governments

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Title: On-Street Parking Capacity for Freight and Service Activity

Presenter:  Diana Ramirez-Rios, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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Title: NYC Clear Curbs: Implications for Goods Movement – Phase II

Presenter:  Yaxin Zhang,
The City College of New York

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Track 1-5 Data, Simulation, Optimization Tools for Last Miles

Title: Cracking the Freight Data Nut: Estimating Center City Inbound and Outbound Vehicle Volumes from Cordon Counts

Presenter:  Gabriela Giron-Valderrama, University of Washington

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Title: Creation of a Database for Delivery Journeys in Urban Centres

Presenter:  Dominic Hofmann,
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

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Title: Express Package Delivery Optimization Using On-Foot Personnel, Cargo Tricycles and Delivery Trucks: A Case Study for Downtown Toronto

Presenter:  Patrick Meredith-Karan,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Track 2-1  Distribution Network Design Innovations  

Title: A new method of network design for urban distribution: The case of gasoline distribution.

Presenter:  Mario Monsreal, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

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Title: Distribution Structure Design:  A Study of 3 Industry Sections

Presenter:  Alexander Onstein, Delft University of Technology

Title: The Distribution Networks of E-commerce: Emergence of a Geography of City Logistics

Presenter:  Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Hofstra University



Track 2-2 Urban Freight Trucking Efficiency

Title: Dynamic Scheduling of Chassis Movements with Chassis Processing Facilities in the Loop

Presenter:  Timothy VanderBeek,
Boeing/California State University, Long Beach

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Title: Port container drayage: disruptions and interventions in urban context

Presenter:  Peter V Hall,
Simon Fraser University

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Title: Truck Platooning from Urban Multimodal Facilities

Presenter:  Matthew Reiter,
University of California, Berkeley



Track 2-3 Improving Seaport and Airport Infrastructure


Title: Modelling Port Elasticity

Presenter:  Philip Davies, Davies Transportation Consulting, Inc.


Title: San Pedro Bay Portwide Rail Study

Presenter:  Shashank Patil, Port of Long Beach


Title: Evaluating the Role of Resilience in Reducing Economic Losses From Disasters: A Multi-Regional Analysis of A Seaport Disruption

Presenter:  Dan Wei, University of Southern California


Title: Key Success Factors to Attract E-commerce Logistics Activities at an Airport

Presenter:  Wouter Dewulf,
University of Antwerp



Track 3-1 Use of Alternative Fuel Technologies in Logistics

Title: Electric Vehicle Heavy-duty Drayage Trucks: A Case Study on the Impacts of Range on Operational Use in Los Angeles

Presenter:  Sue Dexter, University of Southern California

Title: Energy Efficient Logistics in the Albany- New York City Corridor

Presenter:  José Holguin-Veras, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Title: The Operational Strategy of Alternative Maritime Power at YGPA’s container port in South Korea

Presenter:   Hyowon Kang, Andong National University

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Title: Local air benefits of switching a freight ferry from diesel to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Presenter:  Weihan Peng, University of California, Riverside

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Track 3-2 Truck Traffic Analysis

Title: Characterization of Truck Traffic in Metro Manila

Presenter:  Riches Bacero,
De La Salle University

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Title: Traffic and Infrastructure Implications of Deploying Connected, Autonomous Drayage Trucks

Presenter:  Jean-Daniel Saphores
, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Irvine

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Track 3-3 Container and Vehicle Scheduling


Title: A distributed simulation-based load balancing method for traffic assignment in a large-scale network

Presenter:  Penfei Chen, University of Southern California

Presentation PDF

Title: Distribution of non-alcoholic beverages in the city of Lima

Presenter:  Mario Chong, Universidad del Pacifico

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Title: Truck Driver Shortest Path and Scheduling Problem with Working Hours and Parking Availability Constraints

Presenter:  Filipe Vital, University of Southern California

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Title: Solving the Empty Container Problem using Double-Container Trucks under Stochastic Demand

Presenter:  Siyuan Yao, University of Southern California

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Track 3-4 Urban Logistic Models


Title: Factors explaining the use of cargo bikes and cars in urban logistics: results from a stated preference experiment in Germany

Presenter:  Johannes Gruber,
DLR/German Aerospace Center

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Title: Chassis: What in the World Will We Do?

Presenter:  Bethany Stich, University of New Orleans

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Title: Lessons learned from SCAG’s external Heavy Duty Truck (HDT) model enhancement

Presenter:  Stephen Yoon, Southern California Association of Governments



Track 4-1 Understanding Stakeholders Operations and Perspectives for Policy and Planning


Title: Stakeholders Perceptions to Sustainable Urban Freight Policies in Emerging Economies

Presenter:  Johanna Amaya Leal,
Iowa State University

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Title: Collaboration in city logistics using interactive simulation: feedbacks from two workshops (non-expert and expert participants)

Presenter:  Arthur Gaudron, MINES Paris Tech

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Title: Coordinated Freight Routing with Participation Incentives for Multiple Classes of Users

Presenter:  Aristotelis-Angelos Papadopoulos,
University of Southern California

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Title: Identifying Trucking Needs within Today's Urban Planning

Presenter:  Jeffrey Short, American Trucking Research Institute

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Track 4-2 Freight and Environmental Sustainability


Title: Estimating fuel consumption and environmental pollution of freight activities from GPS data

Presenter:  Trilce Encarnacion, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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Title: Estimation of Exposure to PM2.5 in Multi-contextual Segregation: A Case Study in Los Angeles County

Presenter:  Yougeng Lu,
University of Southern California


Title: Evaluating the economic impacts of sustainable policies on inventory and fleet decisions

Presenter:  Miguel Jaller,
University of California, Davis

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Track 4-3 Estimating Urban Freight Demand:  Freight and Service Trip Generation 

Title: Service Trip Attraction and Respective Durations in Commercial Establishments

Presenter:  José Holguin-Veras, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Title: Service Trips Generation Modeling: An Empirical Investigation

Presenter:  Diana Patricia Moreno-Palacio, Universidad Nacional de Colombia at Medellin

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Title: What can property owners do for sustainable urban freight? The case of Nordstan
shopping mall

Presenter:  Alena Brettmo, University of Gothenburg

Presentation PDF



Track 4-4 Modeling and Planning Implications of Freight Patterns

Title: Urbanization, Logistics and the Environment

Presenter:  Paul Larson,
University of Manitoba

Title: Characterization of Spatial Patterns in MSA

Presenter:  Juvena Ng,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Title: Spatial Patterns of Freight-Intensive Sectors

Presenter:  Carlos Rivera-Gonzalez, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute



Track 4-5 Freight Modeling Examples Around the World


Title: Robust VSL Control and Impact on Traffic with High Volume of Trucks

Presenter:  Faisal Alasiri, University of Southern California

Title: A Carrier Load Pricing Model with Seasonality and Forward-/Back-Haul Pricing Differences

Presenter:  Monique Stinson, Argonne National Laboratory

Title: Intermodal freight transportation facilities for two major cities of Bangladesh in providing maritime logistics support to cater to international trade

Presenter:  Razon Chandra Saha,
Bangladesh University of Professionals

Title: Effects of Urban Freight on Bridge Repair Schedule Following a Disaster

Presenter:  Mehrnaz Doustmohammadi,
University of Alabama in Huntsville

Presentation PDF



Track 5-1 Traffic Management in a Connected Environment


Title: Evaluating left turn saturation flow rate at signalized intersections by applying Floating Car Data (FCD) Technology

Presenter:  Nasima Bhuiyan,
California State University, Long Beach and Stamford University Bangladesh

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Paper PDF


Title: A new type of delivery jobs in large cities: on-demand instant delivery couriers in Paris Technology Evaluation Methods for Informed Decision-Making

Presenter:  Laetitia Dablanc,
IFSTTAR/University of Paris-East


Title: Technology Evaluation Methods for Informed Decision-Making

Presenter:  Kat Janowicz,



Track 5-2 New Modes, New Methods


Title: Counting logistic vehicles in real time using deep learning

Presenter: Arthur Gaudron,
MINES Paris Tech


Title: Exploring the potential of drones for urban deliveries in the healthcare sector

Presenters:  Pauline Hagerfors and Sofia Magnusson, Chalmers University of Technology

Presentation PDF


Title: A study of autonomous delivery robots and their potential impacts on freight efficiency and travel

Presenter:  Dylan Jennings, Portland State University

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Title: Modeling Drone Delivery Costs and Speed-Range-Payload Tradeoffs

Presenter:  Miguel Figliozzi, Portland State University



Track 5-3 Freight Transport Technologies and Logistics

Title: Automation of Chittagong port for increasing the container handling capacity and port efficiency to meet the demand of port users

Presenter:  Razon Chandra Saha, Bangladesh University of Professionals


Title: Impacts of Implementing Zero Emission Container Handling Equipment on a Container Terminal

Presenter:  Doug Thiessen,
Moffatt & Nichol

Presentation PDF


Title: A proposal for zero-emissions, electrified short-haul ‘rolling highway’ intermodal freight rail in the Southern California region

Presenter:  Brian Yanity,
Rail Propulsion Systems

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Track 6-1 Planning for the Future of Freight in Urban Regions


Title: Mitigating the Impact of Freight in London:  The City of London Transportation Strategy

Presenter:  Tom Parker, City of London Corporation



Track 6-2 Home Delivery Activity:  Measuring Demands and Impacts


Title: Impact of New Grocery E-Delivery Services on Travel Patterns, Access, and Equity

Presenter:  Katherine Keeling, Portland State University

Paper PDF


Title: Changing home-based shopping patterns are leading a new urban freight movements in the Seoul Metropolitan Area

Presenter:  Jee-Sun Lee,
The Korea Transport Institute

Presentation PDF


Title: Characterizing Home Delivery to New York City Residents

Presenter:  Carla Tejada, The City College of New York

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Title: Home-Based Delivery Supply Chains: The Digitalization Paradigm

Presenter:  Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Hofstra University



 Track 7-1  Global Solutions for Sustainable Urban Freight

Title: Night deliveries with clean and silent vehicles

Co-Presenters:  Magnus Blinge, Scania CV and Robin Billsjö, City of Stockholm

Presentation PDF

Title: Urban Freight and Logistics: Current State of Practices in India

Presenter:  Ankit Gupta
, Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University)


Title: ZEV Routing and Fleet Size Minimization for Drayage Operations

Presenter:  Shichun Hu,
University of Southern California

Presentation PDF

Title: Factors associated with truck dwell times in downtown Seattle

Presenter:  Haena Kim,
University of Washington


Track 7-2 Shipping in the City


Title: Developing Design Guidelines for Commercial Vehicle Envelopes on Urban Streets

Presenter:  Edward McCormack, University of Washington

Presentation PDF


Title: How Do Smart Growth Cities Take On Rocket Increase of E-Commerce? Assessing Effective Strategies for California Cities

Presenter:  Nico Boyd,
Fehr & Peers

Presentation PDF

Title: Cargo bikes: an alternative to improve shipments in urban centers

Presenter:  Carlos Andrés Granada-Muñoz, Universidad Nacional de Colombia at Medellin

Presentation PDF

Title: Recommendations and Pilot Projects to Improve Curbside Access for Last Mile Delivery in Los Angeles

Presenter:  Alison Linder, Southern California Association of Governments

Presentation PDF



Track 7-3 Implementing Practices for Sustainable Urban Freight


Title: The importance of freight networks and partnerships in fostering sustainable urban freight initiatives

Presenter:  Michael Browne, University of Gothenburg


Title: Improving Reliability and Efficiency on Urban Transport Networks through Freight and Transit Signal Priority Strategies

Presenter:  Evangelos Kaisar,
Florida Atlantic University

Presentation PDF

Title: Tools to Facilitate Implementation of Effective Metropolitan Freight Transportation Strategies

Presenter:  Mario Monsreal, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Presentation PDF


Title: It’s just not boxes at the Port, the cargo comes in all shapes and sizes!!

Presenter:  Rajeev Seetharam, Port of Long Beach

Presentation PDF



 Track 7-4 Strategies to Address Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Title: The new setting and prospects of the urban freight market: the contribution of ALICE to decarbonization of European cities

Presenter:  Paola Cossu,

Presentation PDF


Title: Urban Goods Movement and Local Climate Action Plans: Assessing strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from urban freight transportation

Presenter:  Andrew Goetz, University of Denver

Presentation PDF

Title: Emissions Produced by Intercity Freight Transportation

Presenter:  Ricardo Quintero-Giraldo,
Universidad Nacional de Colombia


Title: The City of Oslo's action being climate friendly.  How to develop sustainable urban freight in the new context

Presenter:  Astrid Bjørgen, SINTEF

Presentation PDF