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Our ever-changing world needs passionate and skilled professionals now more than ever, and the transportation profession is no exception. USC, CSULB, and our partner institutions offer numerous transportation-related degree programs with cutting edge curriculum delivered by world-class faculty designed with this in mind.  We firmly believe your educational path is one of the most important decisions you make and can inform and transform your career trajectory into something spectacular.

METRANS augments students’ formal education with numerous educational enrichment and professional development opportunities to engage, inform, and inspire both students and life-long learners at all stages.  Our programming is designed to attract entrants to STEM and transportation-related careers and education, to train and educate the workforce, and to develop the transportation profession.

Recognizing that the path to a career begins well before graduation from high school, we also offer programming for elementary, middle, and secondary school students. These K-12 programs are designed to inform, inspire, and empower youth to consider and successfully pursue careers in transportation. Through innovative curriculum aids, informative and engaging workshops, inspiring speaker series, enlightening field trips and site visits, and more, we make the exciting field of transportation an attractive and viable career choice for our next-generation workforce.

Examples of METRANS educational enrichment and professional development efforts include a wide variety of K12 STEM outreach, curriculum development and enhancement, and college immersion activities; college student outreach, post-secondary curriculum development, field trips and site visits; workforce training and apprenticeships, fellowships, and certificate programs; scholarship and opportunity dissemination and support; mentorship programming; employment and job opportunities and referrals; and numerous professional development and technology transfer events.