Preparing for the New Panama Canal, TR NEWS, January – February 2015 edition

Friday, June 26, 2015 - 4:40pm

Jean-Paul Rodrigue and Theo Notteboom have co-authored The Legacy and Future of the Panama Canal: From Point of Transit to Transshipment Hub, a featured article in TR NEWS published by the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies.

In 2014, the Panama Canal celebrated its centennial – spotlighting its legacy as a gateway of international trade but also raising questions about its future in an increasingly integrated global economy.  The authors explore the transformations of the canal’s role throughout its history, analyze the current contexts, and assess Panama’s prospects as a hub of trade flows and international influence.

In addition to the main article, a shorter piece on the Impacts of the Panama Canal Expansion on U.S. Infrastructure was included by the same authors.

More information can be found below.

TR News January-February 2015: Preparing for a New Panama Canal (Source: Transportation Research Board )

With the Panama Canal celebrating its centennial in 2014 and scheduled to open new locks in 2016, an issue of the TR News explores the legacy and future of the canal and the probable effects the expansion will have on U.S. harbor infrastructure and supply chains.

The January-February 2015 issue of TR News includes the following articles:

  • Trendsetters in Transportation Technologies: Findings from the Transportation Research Board’s 2014 State Partnership Visits Program
  • The Transportation Impacts of—and Response to—the SR-530 Landslide Disaster: Snohomish County, Washington State, March 2014
  • Implementing Geotechnical Innovations on a Major New Mexico Interchange: Time and Cost Savings
  • Right-Sizing the Louisiana State Highway System: Transferring 5,000 State Miles to Local Governments
  • Improving Community Transportation for Veterans, Military Service Members, and Their Families
  • Evaluating Impacts of Sustainability Practices on Airport Operations and Maintenance
  • Optimization of Tack Coat Applications in Asphalt Pavements: Louisiana Develops Evaluation Tools and Pilot-Tests Guidance

Click here for PDF version of TR News January-February 2015 issue.