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CSULB Student Named 2016-17 TRB Minority Student Fellow

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 2:18pm

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) named CSULB student Jose Jimenez as one of its 2016-17 TRB Minority Student Fellows at its 96th Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. this January.

Jimenez, who completed his B.S. in civil engineering in 2016, is a current M.S. student under the mentorship of Assistant Professor Shailesh Chandra of the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management. Jimenez has worked on two projects under Chandra over the past year, one of which, titled “Nighttime Walking and Bicycling Accessibility Evaluation for Low-Income Shift Workers,” Jose presented at the TRB Annual Meeting.

“Jose is hard-working, sincere, and has sharp analytical skills,” said Chandra. “He has a keen interest in solving transportation problems that are pertinent to urban areas.”

Jimenez plans to focus his research on transportation issues that particularly affect urban, low-income communities, which often lack adequate transportation options.

The TRB Minority Student Fellows program, which targets minority students doing research in transportation, recognized 21 students from 13 schools across the U.S. It provides funding for minority students to attend the annual meeting and present their research.


Eric Shen, USDOT-USC-CTF; Maya Bouchet, USC Price; Fernando Gusken, USC Epstein; David Roachford, USC Price; Annie Nguyen, CSULB; Jose Jimenez, CSULB