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USC PhD Eun Jin Shin Joins Yale-NUS College

Sunday, April 16, 2017 - 1:00am

By Yilin (Ellie) Zhang, MPL 2018


METRANS is proud to announce that PhD. candidate in Urban Planning and Development at the Price School of Public Policy at USC, Eun Jin Shin, was recently hired by Yale-NUS College, Singapore, as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Urban Studies. Shin was born and raised in South Korea, where she completed her BS and MS degrees in Civil, Urban and Geosystem Engineering at Seoul National University. She then completed her Master’s of Urban Planning degree at University of Washington-Seattle, and will graduate with her PhD this May, 2017.


Shin’s great sense of social responsibility and compassion drive her motivation to conduct research on the travel behavior of the transportation-disadvantaged population. “My research interests lie in the intersection of transportation planning and social inequality,” she said. “For my dissertation, I studied the travel behavior of ethnic minorities and their access to opportunities.”

Shin looks forward to the specific contributions she can make to solving the social inequity issues in transportation planning. She mentioned that METRANS has added a lot of value to her career. “METRANS has provided me with numerous opportunities to develop my research interests and to share my findings with other people,” Shin said. “I have worked on several research projects on land use and transport, funded by METRANS.”

When asked for suggestions for students seeking jobs she advised, “Do remember that finding a job is difficult for everyone. Treat the job search as a marathon rather than a sprint. Pace yourself.”

        (photo by Eun Jin Shin)


About the author: Yilin (Ellie) Zhang

Yilin Zhang is a student assistant at METRANS Transportation Center and is a first-year Master of Planning student at the USC Price School of Public Policy with a transportation concentration. She is interested in transportation as well as Geographic Information Systems and is seeking career opportunities in these fields.