News | USC IPPAM Student Derrick Ty tapped to lead METRANS Events

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by Hong Sheng "Clark" Hsu, USC, IPPAM

Derrick Ty is a first-year graduate student at USC in the Sol Price School of Public Policy.  He is beginning a Master’s Degree in International Public Policy and Management.  He recently accepted the role of METRANS Student Event Lead.


Derrick Ty

USC IPPAM Program 


Congratulations on your new role as Event Lead with the METRANS Student Team! Could you share what in particular made you want to pursue this opportunity?

I’ve always been interested in the transportation sector and have heard great things about METRANS. I thought that it would be a great opportunity to work in any capacity for METRANS during my time as a grad student, and when I was offered the role of Event Lead it took me no time to say yes!


I know you are a first-year grad student so just recently made the choice to come to USC. What made you choose USC?
Growing up in Southern California, like many, I’ve always dreamed of coming to USC. USC is one of the top schools in the country and I was ecstatic when I was accepted. I’ve always heard about the networking and opportunities that come from USC and that was another reason I was drawn to the school. I’ve only been a Grad Student at the school for a little over a month and I have already been able to connect with numerous students from the previous cohort, alumni, as well as staff and faculty. I can see firsthand already that the opportunities that come from being a student at USC are real and everyone I’ve talked to has been very helpful and welcoming - especially when it comes to any questions regarding school or jobs.


I am actually an international student and can’t help but notice that Southern California is so varied – hundreds of cities, each with its own characteristics. Could you share a little bit about your Southern California hometown?

I grew up in Chino Hills, which is a bedroom community about an hour east of campus. I think it is a really nice place to live and to grow up. There is a small-town feel (especially compared to the city of LA), and it seems that everything you need is a short drive or bike ride away.


If you could only take one transportation mode for your daily travel, which transportation would you pick, and why?

That is a very good question! I actually got into cycling when the pandemic started so I would have to say my number one transportation choice would be cycling. I have found LA in particular to be manageable by bike, at least as far as where I want to go, and there are also many beautiful bike trails all over Southern California. I definitely recommend more people to try out cycling. There is really nothing like pedaling and enjoying nature at the same time.


I imagine living in a bedroom community and now being a student in LA, your transportation needs are met by bikes and cars.  I know there is a lot of concern about transit, and perhaps the lack of accessibility to quality transit options here.  What do you think?

Unfortunately, I think there is much to be improved regarding transportation, in Los Angeles, in the state of California, and in the United State as a whole. I have visited many countries around the world such as Taiwan, Japan, and France and they all seem to have excellent public transportation systems that connect the whole country. I know LA, for example, is investing heavily in transportation options to be complete and ready for the 2028 Olympics, and am excited to see the improvements we will have by then. I hope that in the near future we will not only have these new options but also have a robust transportation system that will connect the Southern California region together, so we don’t have to rely on driving so much.


Where do you see yourself in the future, and what are your short and long-term goals?

I hope to work in the public sector in the future since I have always been passionate about improving the quality of life for others. I hope I can further unlock my passions and apply my USC education to bring about positive change in society.


Anything else you’d like to share?

I am excited to work with everyone on the METRANS team!


About the Author:

Hong Sheng “Clark” Hsu is a first-year student majoring in International Public Policy and Management at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. He is a new member of METRANS student workers who enjoys basketball, working out, and music.