Spring 2022 Speaker Series: Mobility, Accessibility and Disadvantaged Neighborhoods

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Location: Zoom

Mobility, Accessibility and Disadvantaged Neighborhoods


Wed, April 6, 2022    


12:00 PM (Pacific)





This project examines commonalities and differences among disadvantaged neighborhoods in mobility and access to opportunities. Our approach is based on the concept of spatial-transportation mismatch (STM), which asserts that spatial distance and poor transportation are potential barriers to opportunities beyond one's immediate location. The project analyzes variations in transportation resources and accessibility to employment, quality elementary schools, and health care. The study compares two regions in California, one highly urbanized (Los Angeles County) and one more agriculture based (San Joaquin County). This allows us to compare disadvantaged neighborhoods with non-disadvantaged neighborhoods within each region, and to compare disadvantaged neighborhoods in one county versus another.


Paul M. Ong is a Professor at UCLA's School of Public Affairs, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, and Department of Asian American Studies, and has a master's degree in urban planning from the University of Washington and a doctorate in economics from UC Berkeley. Professor Ong has done research on the labor market status of minorities and immigrants, displaced high-tech workers, work and spatial/transportation mismatch, and environmental justice. He is currently engaged in an analysis of the relationship between sustainability and equity, the racial wealth gap, and the role of urban structures on the reproduction of inequality.

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