Location: Hotel Irvine - 17900 Jamboree Road, Irvine, CA 92614

The National Travel Monitoring Exposition and Conference (NaTMEC) is the premier venue where state and MPO traffic data collectors, traffic data users, academics, and managers of data programs come together to keep abreast of new products and services.  Reach the traffic data world by joining us at NaTMEC 2018!

NATMEC provides an opportunity for traffic monitoring professionals to exchange and share information related to the collection, management, and use of monitored traffic data in all applications. Attendees will include local, state, and federal representatives; industry representatives; and transportation academics and researchers, who function as state or regional traffic data collectors, traffic data users, manager of data programs, and more. NATMEC is the premier venue for sharing experiences on effectively monitoring traffic flow, whether for operational decision making, planning, or program or performance management.

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