Fall 2021 Speaker Series: Freight Volume Modeling on Major Highway Links

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Location: RGL 101 & via Zoom

Freight Volume Modeling on Major Highway Links


Wed, Sept. 22, 2021    

Noon (Pacific)

Location: RGL 101 & via Zoom

* Lunch will be served 

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One of the most challenging problems in urban transportation planning is the lack of fine grain data on freight movements. Cities and regions do not know how many trucks operate in the region and have only limited information on freight flows. A particularly important information problem is the absence of a consistent and current source for freight volume and origin-destination data. Without such information, it is difficult to manage or plan for freight in metropolitan areas. This research seeks to develop a method for generating freight (truck) volume and origin-destination estimations at the traffic analysis zone level from streamed data so that estimations can be constantly updated.

Dr. Luciano Nocera is a computer scientist and Associate Director at the USC Integrated Media System Center where his research focuses on data analytics with applications in health, transportation and social media. He also teaches data visualization and develops educational games for various online programs. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Paris VII, an M.S. in Remote Sensing, and a B.S. in Physics.

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