The Center for Sustainable Cites (CSC) is joining the METRANS family of centers. The new center site is coming soon.


CSC conducts multi-disciplinary research, education and community engagement on the sustainability challenges of metropolitan areas. The Center seeks to develop and propose policies and strategies that make our cities and metropolitan areas more sustainable, just, and economically vibrant. The Center’s faculty and student researchers focus on the spatial structure of cities – where housing, jobs, and public services locate — and how cities can be designed to achieve sustainability goals. The spatial organization of cities is closely linked with urban transportation and the mobility of people and goods. Urban transportation is a leading contributor to air pollution and other negative environmental impacts. CSC’s focus on spatial structure complements the transportation and mobility focus of METRANS.


The Center engages in three basic activities:


Multidisciplinary research aimed at solving complex urban environmental problems involving experts in, urban planning , transportation, public policy, real estate development, engineering, and the natural and social sciences.


Sustainability education, for both graduate and undergraduate students, through degree and certificate programs integrating a broad array of fields that include civil, environmental, chemical and industrial engineering, biological and earth sciences, economics, geography, sociology, anthropology, political science, public policy and urban planning.


Outreach efforts to bring CSC research to public- and private-sector stakeholders to promote sustainability best practices and to create and revise public policies and programs.


For more information, contact CSC Project Director Dr. Hilda Blanco [email protected] (213) 821-2431