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Research Projects

STATUS: Complete YEAR: 2017 TOPIC AREA: Public transit, land use, and urban mobility Transportation planning, policy, and finance CENTER: PSR

Vertical Equity Statewide Pilot, Data Inventory, and Guidelines for Performance Based Planning

Project Summary

Project number: PSR-17-05
Funding source: US DOT
Contract number: 69A3551747109
Funding amount: $99,572
Performance period: 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018

Project Description
In this project we develop a method for vertical equity analysis. Vertical equity is the analysis of disadvantages groups of different incomes and other sociodemographic characteristics experience from the land use-transportation system. We first create a data inventory for the indicators needed to satisfy performance based planning in California. This inventory is comprehensive and covers many goals in CTP 2040. In parallel, using detailed in space and time database in the GeoTrans laboratory we create a first pilot geo-computation of equity indicators covering the entire State at fine spatial detail. We compare data available and this pilot to the literature on gentrification, equity analysis, and access to opportunities. We also develop a crowdsourcing method to collect input for the expert community in three different stages. First on the first pilot geo-computation online and at TRB 2018) and the after an improved method is developed we check with a wider spectrum of experts at an international conference in Santa Barbara. Input from the different expert sources that is used to create a second pilot geocomputation of equity is particularly important and for this reason requires special attention in a dedicated task. The project ends with the creation of guidelines for data collection, computational examples, and guidelines for research and practice.



Konstadinos Goulias
Professor , Geographic Information Science, Transportation
5706 Ellison Hall
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
United States
[email protected]