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Research Projects

STATUS: In Progress YEAR: 2023 TOPIC AREA: Freight logistics and optimization CENTER: PSR

Best Practices in Freight Technology Transfer

Project Summary

Project number: PSR-23-08 TO 078
Funding source: Caltrans
Contract number: 65A0674
Funding amount: $35,000
Performance period: 1/1/2024 to 12/31/2024

Project description

Public sector agencies in California could benefit from a streamlined form of information sharing for best practices and lessons learned in freight infrastructure planning. Without a mode to facilitate knowledge sharing, agencies are vulnerable to missed opportunities for improvement. There is a need to identify and establish the most efficient methods for technology transfer so that agencies can enhance their planning processes and foster collaborative thinking. By sharing information on project timelines, resource allocation, and technical specifications, agencies can align their efforts, avoid duplication, and make informed decisions that optimize the use of public resources. 


Public sector agencies can learn from each other's experiences, successes, and challenges, allowing for continuous improvement in freight infrastructure planning. Valuable insights gained from sharing information on innovative approaches, emerging technologies, and effective project management strategies can help agencies overcome obstacles, enhance their decision-making processes, and drive further innovations. By breaking down silos and promoting open communication using a suite of geospatial, asset management, and enterprise resource planning tools, agencies can leverage collective knowledge and resources to develop sustainable and effective infrastructure systems that meet the evolving needs of communities, businesses, and the economy.


Tyler Reeb
Associate Director, CSULB CITT
6300 E State University Drive
Suite 255Long Beach, CA 90815
United States
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