Location: Online Webinar

Understanding Mobility Changes in Response to COVID-19:

A Los Angeles Case Study


Thurs, March 25, 2021    Noon (Pacific)


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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people’s lives throughout the world. In the US, pandemic response has been largely left to state and local governments, resulting in a patchwork of policies. This research examines compliance with COVID-19 related policies in Los Angeles County across income and race/ethnic groups by using mobile device data to compare mobility patterns before and during the various policy phases of the pandemic. The results show how race and socioeconomic disparities are revealed in mobility patterns.


Yougeng Lu is a Ph.D. candidate in Urban Planning and Development at Price School of Public Policy, USC. He is the research assistant of METRANS Transportation Center. Lu’s research interests include air pollution, environmental justice, land use planning, spatial analysis, transportation, and big data.

Dr. Genevieve Giuliano is Professor in the Price School of Public Policy, USC, and Director of METRANS. Professor Giuliano's research focus areas include relationships between land use and transportation, transportation policy analysis, and information technology applications in transportation.



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