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One Nevada Transportation Plan: Long Range Statewide Transportation Planning in a Rapidly Changing Environment

Sandra Rosenberg

Assistant Director for Planning
Nevada Department of Transportation


Nevada DOT recently completed the One Nevada Transportation Plan. This new statewide long range transportation plan provides a framework of consistent goals for Nevada’s transportation system. It meets the federal performance based planning requirements, provides a new foundation for transparent decision making for transportation investments, while allowing flexibility to accommodate changing travel patterns and technologies. The plan is consistent with the state’s Metropolitan Planning Organizations goals and plans and the development process included extensive public and citizen participation. More than a plan, the One Nevada concept is a continuous improvement process including measuring performance relative to goals and adjusting priorities accordingly. NDOT is now working towards enhancing the process including identification of measures for goals that do not have readily available data and beginning to use prioritization tools and strategies across the Department and eventually with partner agencies. While the One Nevada Transportation Plan is an over-arching planning framework, some of the unique challenges of statewide planning will also be covered, such as the challenges of planning in a time of emerging technologies, unprecedented growth and uncertain funding.

Biographical Sketch

Sondra Rosenberg is the Assistant Director for Planning at the Nevada Department of Transportation. She oversees Multimodal Program Development, Performance Analysis, Traffic Safety Engineering, Transportation Data and Research, and the new NV2X Innovation Office. Prior to her position as Assistant Director, she managed multistate studies and coalitions such as the I-15 Mobility Alliance and the I-11 & Intermountain West Corridor Study, effectively building coalitions that consist of neighboring state DOTs, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Economic Development partners and various other stakeholders.

Sondra has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Rochester, a Master of Science in Transportation Technology and Policy from UC Davis and is a certified Professional Transportation Planner.

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