Location: USC - RGL 100 or Webinar

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
12:00 PM

USC - RGL 100

RSVP: Zhanibek Baktygali at [email protected]

Transportation systems cause negative changes in adjacent and distant ecosystems' characteristics and processes. These changes are usually not mitigated during construction, maintenance and "re-construction" of facilities. Impacts to endangered ecosystems and species are usually more noticeable and likely to trigger more effective mitigation. Dr. Shilling will discuss ways to identify these impacts and possible mitigation strategies.

Fraser Shilling, Ph.D. is Director of the Road Ecology at UC Davis and faculty in the graduate groups of Ecology and Transportation Technology & Policy. He is especially interested in pressing conservation and social problems that seem intractable.

RSVP required. Lunch will be served.