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Research Projects

STATUS: Complete YEAR: 2018 TOPIC AREA: Sustainability, energy, and health CENTER: MetroFreight

Delivery Workers' City Life: A Short-Film on Deliveries in New York City

Project Summary

Project number: MF-5.4a
Funding source: Volvo Research and Educational Foundations
Performance period: 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018

Project description
The project aims to explore, by a visual approach, this cog of the urban machine, delivery jobs, by presenting a portrait of today's delivery messengers. It focuses on the ordinary tasks, practical organization and conditions of this daily performance; the know-how of the delivery person and the characteristics of its professional and urban environment in the dense area of New York. What are the conditions and content of the work? How do the new trends permeate the practice of the trade? How does the figure of the urban deliveryman absorb the economic and social evolutions? The project proposes to carry out a field study by direct observation on the concrete practice of the daily delivery job. The deliverable will consist of a short or medium-length documentary film.


Sandrine Wenglenski
Assistant Professor
[email protected]


Laetitia Dablanc
Director of Research, IFSTTAR, French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks - University of Paris-East
14-20 boulevard Newton, Cite Descartes
Marne la Vallee cedex 2, 77447
[email protected]