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Research Projects

STATUS: Complete YEAR: 2014 TOPIC AREA: Integrating freight and passenger systems CENTER: MetroFreight

City Logistics Strategies for CBDs Within the Seoul Metropolitan Area

Project Summary

This project aims at developing the advanced city logistics strategies for the CBDs in the Seoul Metropolitan Area (SMA).  It takes Dongdaemun Fashion Cluster as an example. In order to diagnose the current problems and to find solutions, site visits and interviews with government/municipal officers and private partners are the key tasks for this project.  Through the site visits and interviews, more comprehensive and practical strategies for parking, loading/unloading, and any other urban logistics activity-related zoning strategies will be suggested for the more sustainable logistics environment within the City of Seoul and its vicinities.

Current Status

Since June 2014, the project team has been conducting an on-site survey for the Dongdaemun Fashion Cluster and Namdaemun Market Area in order to identify the main sources of freight volume within the CBD areas.  The survey focuses on the regional city logistics environment and its issues relating to the conflict with pedestrians, parking, pollution, etc.

In addition, the project team interviewed the public official who is charged with parking issues at Jongno-Gu in the City of Seoul.  She reported that Jongno-Gu is planning to reorganize truck parking areas and construct loading/unloading zones within the Dongdaemun Market Area.

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Next Steps

During early September 2014, an additional on-site survey is planned during one of the annual freight peak periods, Chuseok (Korean Full Moon).  Interviews with merchants in the Dongdaemun Fashion Cluster, city logistics service providers, and public officials are also planned for late October 2014.  The interviews will concentrate on drawing solutions to the diverse city logistics activity-related issues within the CBDs of Seoul. 

As for the interim results, KOTI is scheduling a joint seminar with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Institute, Inha University, and a couple of Korean logistics companies during November 2014.  The final findings of this project will be complied as a White Paper of City Logistics Issues and Strategies for Seoul CBD Areas and published early 2015.


Chang-Jin Ahn
Researcher, Logistics Policy and Technology
315, Goyangdaero Ilsanseo-gu
Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do 411-701
South Korea
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