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METRANS Transportation Center University of Southern California California State University Long Beach I-NUF 2013

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METRANS funds research that addresses transportation issues within large metropolitan areas and contributes to our knowledge base through the development of improved technology, policies, operations, or management practices. METRANS encourages an integrated approach that blends engineering, policy, planning, business administration, and public administration expertise. Regular tenure track full-time faculty members and research faculty at the University of Southern California and California State University, Long Beach, are eligible to serve as Principal Investigators. Proposals may also include as Co-Principal Investigators research or non-tenure track USC and CSULB faculty, as well as regular tenure track full-time faculty members from other California universities. There have been 113 faculty members who have received funding for their research from METRANS through 2011.

METRANS issues requests-for-proposals (RFPs) on an annual basis to support its research program. METRANS follows a peer-reviewed proposal selection process in which each proposal is submitted to a minimum of five reviewers from universities, public agencies, and private firms. USC and CSULB faculty do not participate in the proposal review process. Selection for funding depends on a number of criteria, including relevance to the METRANS mission, intellectual merit, and student support. All research is expected to result in publications in refereed journals.

Our METRANS Tier 1 UTC research program is organized around two multimodal themes: 1) understanding passenger/freight interactions; and 2) achieving system efficiencies. 

2014-2015 METRANS Tier 1 RFP

Previously, METRANS funded proposals in four broadly defined thematic areas:

Through 2011, more than 150 proposals have been funded in these four topic areas. Nearly half have been in the area of goods movement.

The METRANS RFP is issued each spring. For information, please contact the following:

Vicki Valentine Deguzman, Assistant Director
Sol Price School of Policy, Planning, and Development
University of Southern California
650 Childs Way
RGL 238
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0626


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Area Reports Proj.# P.I. Names Research Project
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 11-26 Tang-Hung Nguyen Noise Mapping of Container Terminals at the Port of Los Angeles
Infrastructure  [PDF] 11-25 Tariq Shehab-Eldeen Cost Estimating Model for Sustainable Rehabilitation of Road Projects
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 11-24 Panadda Marayong Computer-Aided Container Handling Assistance for Ergonomic Crane Operation
Infrastructure  [PDF] 11-21 Shadi Saadeh Investigation of Fracture Properties of California Asphalt Concrete Mixtures
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 11-20 Chen Feng Ng The Impact of the Economic Recession on Truck Traffic in Los Angeles
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 11-19 Xiaolong Wu Multimodal Biometric Models for Improving the Productivity and Security of the Terminal Gates
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 11-14 Petros Ioannou Dynamic Variable Speed Limit Control: Design, Analysis and Benefits
Mobility of Urban Population    11-12 Tom O'Brien Changing Workforce Development Needs for Regional Transit and Transportation Planning Agencies in California
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 11-10 Fernando Ordonez A New Approach for Routing Courier Delivery Services
Mobility of Urban Population    11-08 Christian Redfearn Reconsidering the Impact of Access to Transit on Local Land Markets
Mobility of Urban Population    11-06 Genevieve Giuliano Accessibility, Location and Employment Center Growth
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability    11-05 Martin Krieger Application Development of Urban Tomography for Transportation Security at a major Los Angeles Transportation Hub (LATH)
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 11-04 Jenny Schuetz Does Rail Transit Investment Encourage Retail Activity?
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 11-03 Peter Gordon Freight Shipments, Greenhouse Gases and Polluting Emissions: Implications for California and the U.S.
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 10-26 Burkhard Englert The Impact of Truck Repositioning on Congestion and Pollution in the LA Basin
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 10-25 Fei Wang Optimize Pollutant Emissions through Adaptive Highway Management
Infrastructure  [PDF] 10-24 Shadi Saadeh Development of Quality Control Test Procedure for Characterizing Fracture
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 10-20 Hamid Rahai The Effects of Distortion on Trajectory of Diesel Particulate Matter (PM) from Mobile Sources
Goods Movement & International Trade    10-16 Viktor Prasanna Workflow Synthesis and Management for Integrated Traffic Simulation Experiments
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability  [PDF] 10-14 Chin Chang Development of Fiber Optic Sensor Networks for Transportation Infrastructure Monitoring
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 10-13 Cyrus Shahabi Stream Traffic Data Archival, Querying, and Analysis with TransDec
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 10-08 Maged Dessouky Dynamic Scheduling of Trains in Densely Populated Congested Areas
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 10-07 Constantinos Sioutas Measurement and Toxicological Assessment of Population Exposures to Airborne Particulate Matter (PM) in Subways and Light Rail Trains
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 10-06 Josh Newell Moving Containers Efficiently with Less Impact: Dynamic Modeling and Decision-Support Architecture for Clean Port Technologies
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability  [PDF] 10-05 Konstantinos Psounis End-to-End Performance in Vehicular Networks With an Emphasis on Safety and Security Applications
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 10-03 Peter Gordon Towards Peak-Load Pricing in Metropolitan Areas: Modeling Network Activity
Mobility of Urban Population    09-30 Gary Painter Spatial Mismatch and Transit Choice among Immigrants
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 09-29 Jean-Pierre Bardet Risks and Recoveries from Extreme Disruptions in Freight Transportation System in a Megacity: Case Study for the Greater Los Angeles Area
Infrastructure  [PDF] 09-26 Cyrus Shahabi A Geospatial Framework for Dynamic Route Planning Using Congestion Prediction in Transportation Systems
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 09-23 Kristen Monaco Transportation Forecast for Southern California
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability  [PDF] 09-21 Lisa Schweitzer No-Notice Evacuations, Urban Form, and Environmental Injustice: An Exploratory Study
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 09-19 Sven Koenig Using Auctions to Allocate Transportation Requests for Demand Responsive Transit Systems
Infrastructure  [PDF] 09-17 Suya YouUlrich Neumann Rapid Extraction and Updating Road Network to Caltrans Database
Infrastructure  [PDF] 09-13 Chin Chang Fiber-Optic Smart Structures for Monitoring and Managing the Health of Transportation Infrastructures
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 09-11 Fei Wang Microscopic Model of Road Capacity and Risk for Highway Systems in Port Based Metropolitan Areas
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability  [PDF] 09-09 I-Hung Khoo Study of the Noise Pollution at Container Terminals and the Surroundings
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability  [PDF] 09-07 Katharine MooreAndrea Polidori Toxicological Assessment of Particulate Emissions From the Exhaust of Old and New Model Heavy- and Light-Duty Vehicles
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability    09-05 Martin KriegerRamesh Govindan Thousand Eyes on Californiaís Streets, Roads, and Infrastructures
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability  [PDF] 09-01 Seiji S. C. SteimetzGuy YamashiroSteven Yamarik Accident Rates and Safety Policies for Trucks Serving the San Pedro Bay Ports
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability    08-23 Grace Reynolds Safety Concerns Associated with Drug-Using Drivers with Suspended or Revoked Driving Licenses
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 08-22 Hamid RahaiBei Lu Development of a Portable Remote Sensing System for Measurement of Diesel Emissions from Passing Diesel Trucks
Infrastructure    08-19 Sami MasriRoger Ghanem Identification and Evaluation of Major Issues Involving the Impact of Global Climate Change on Transportation Systems
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 08-17 Kristen Monaco Labor Markets in Good Movement Occupations in Southern California
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability    08-13 Darin Goldstein Emergency Traffic Management Tool for the Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbor Area
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 08-12 Konstantinos Psounis Efficient Routing for Safety Applications in Vehicular Networks
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 08-11 Burkhard Englert XML Based Supply Chain Integration at the LA / LB Ports
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability  [PDF] 08-10 Detlof Von WinterfeldtGarrett Asay Estimating Behavioral Changes for Transportation Modes after Terorist Attacks in London, Madrid and Tokyo
Mobility of Urban Population    08-08 Bhaskar Krishnamachari Efficient Wireless Communication in Vehicular Environments
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 08-07 Christian Redfearn Revisiting the Empirical Foundations for Measuring the Capitalization of Access to Transit
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 08-06 Genevieve Giuliano Regulation and Response in the San Pedro Bay Ports
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 08-04 Viktor Prasanna Integrated Modeling and Simulation Framework for Freight Transportation in Metropolitan Areas
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 08-03 David SloaneLaVonna Lewis (Im)Mobility and Health Disparities: Assessing the Accessibility of Nutrition and Physical Activity Options in an Urban Neighborhood
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability  [PDF] 08-02 Hossein Hashemi Low-Cost Object Detection RF CMOS Sensor Development for Active Safety Systems
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 08-01 Fokion EgolfopoulosTheodore Tsotsis Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Biofuels Used for Transportation
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 07-13 Ken James Evaluating the Feasibility of Electrified Rail
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 07-10 Tracy Bradley Maples Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Networks: Applications, Evaluation and Security
Monitoring the Ports    AR 07-08 Robert Friis Health Effects Associated with Goods Movement in the Los Angeles Basin
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability  [PDF] AR 07-05 Hamid Rahai Assessment of Ring Injectors for Reducing NOx and PM Emissions of Diesel Engines
Infrastructure    07-24 Maria TodorovskaMihailo Trifunac Selection of Comprehensive Design Criteria for Highway Bridges in the Vicinity of and Crossing Active Faults
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability  [PDF] 07-21 Tridib Banerjee Pedestrian Safety of School Children: Toward Improving Walkability of Inner City Neighborhoods
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 07-20 Paul RonneyMartin Gundersen Transient Plasma Ignition for Clean, Fuel-Efficient Transportation Vehicle Engines
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 07-19 Harry Richardson Adding a Freight Network to an Interstate Input - Output Model: Implications for California
Mobility of Urban Population    07-17 Dowell Myers Impact of Immigration and Assimilation on Public Transit Ridership and Single-Vehicle Commuting to Work
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 07-14 Petros Ioannou Reconfiguration Strategies for Mitigating the Impacts of Port Disruptions
Infrastructure  [PDF] 07-13 Ken James Dual use of electric utility rights of way by integration of an urban maglev container corridor and gas insulated transmission lines
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 07-12 Shui LamCheryl Pruitt On Sequencing of Container Deliveries to the Over-the Road Trucks from Yard Stacks
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 07-11 Maged Dessouky Strategies for Effective Rail Track Capacity Usage
Goods Movement & International Trade    07-09 Alice Parker Solving Metropolitan Transportation Problems Using Autonomous Ground Vehicles with Computer Vision
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 07-08 Hanh Dam Le GriffinTom O'Brien Impact of Streamlined Chassis Movements and Extended Hours of Operation on Terminal Capacity and Source-Specific Emissions Reduction
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 07-04 John Heidemann Sensornets for Remote Vehicle Classification (SRVC)
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 07-03 Reza Toossi Efficiency Improvements by Passive Control and Optimization of the Combustion Process and Engine Cooling
Infrastructure  [PDF] 07-02 Kristen Monaco Inter-county Spillovers and Ports and Roads Infrastructure Investment
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 07-01 Mansour Rahimi Integrating Inland Ports into the Intermodal Goods Movement System for Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] SP 06-02 Anastasios Chassiakos Terminal Simulation Test-Bed and Design Tool
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] SP 06-01 Wade Martin A Computable General Equilibrium Model of the Southern California Economy
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 06-06 Hsien-Yang Yeh Loading and Unloading Containers: Examining the Efficiency of Goods Movements
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 06-05 Henry Yeh A Universal Communication Device for Improving Interoperability
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 06-04 Antonella Sciortino Impact of New Diesel Fuels Used in Port Operations on Subsurface Quality
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 06-03 Robert ChiMelody Kiang A Cargo Security Early Warning System: The Application of Neural Networks to Detect Cargoes with Potential Security Fraud
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 06-02 Ken James Assessing near-dock rail loading and offloading procedures at the Port of LA/LB for application to a container conveyor to ICTFs
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 06-01 Burkhard Englert Evaluating and improving the security of RFID tags in shipping containers
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 06-16 Christian Redfearn Network Accessibility and the Evolution of Urban Employment
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 06-13 Christine Jocoy The Mobility of Homeless People and Their Use of Public Transit in Long Beach, CA
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 06-11 Fernando Ordonez Better Delivery/Pick Up Routes in the Presence of Uncertainty
Infrastructure  [PDF] 06-10 Jefferey Sellers Sources of Electoral Support for Transportation Funding
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 06-07 Seiji S. C. Steimetz Evaluating the Efficiency of Traffic Mitigation Fees at the San Pedro Bay Ports in a Congestion-Pricing Framework
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 06-04 Hamid RahaiBei Lu Reducing Diesel NOx and PM Emissions of Diesel Buses and Trucks
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 06-03 Darin Goldstein An Adaptive System for the Transportation of Commercial Goods
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 06-02 Kristen Monaco Incentivizing Truck Retrofitting in Port Drayage
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 05-06 Hanh Dam Le Griffin Assessing Container Terminal/Port Productivity: Experiences of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 05-05 Henry Yeh Survey and Identify the Needs of Port Communication Equipment for Safety, Security, and Interoperability
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 05-04 Suzanne Wechsler Development of a LIDAR Derived Digital Elevation Model (DEM) as Input to a METRANS Geographic Information System (GIS)
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 05-03 Hamid Rahai Development of an Exposure Model for Diesel Locomotive Emissions near the Alameda Corridor
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 05-02 Christopher Lee Feature Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 05-01 Shui Lam An Accurate Monitoring of Truck Waiting and Flow Times
Goods Movement & International Trade    05-17 Niraj Verma Insititutional Considerations in Freight Movement in Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 05-14 John Heidemann SURE-FT: Sensor for Unexpected Roadway Events: Field Trials
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability  [PDF] 05-13 Najmedin MeshkatiJalal Torabzadeh Study of the Exposition Light-Rail's Safety for Pedistrians and Drivers.
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 05-12 Genevieve GiulianoTom O'Brien Evaluation of Extended Gate Operations at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 05-11 Petros Ioannou Simulation Test Bed and Evalution of Truck Movement Concepts on Terminal Efficiency and Traffic Flow
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 05-10 Randolph Hall Improving Trucking Safety: Effects of Driver Hours of Service Regulations
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 05-06 Mohammed ForouzeshRobert Friis Cambodian Access to Transportation: Impact on Senior Nutrition and Congregate Meal Service Programs
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 05-04 Kristen Monaco Ports and Highways Infrastructure Investment and Interstate Spatial Spillovers
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability    05-01 Karl-Heinrich Grote Validation of Sensory Systems for Intelligent Vehicles
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 04-02 Kristen Monaco Labor at the Ports: A Comparison of the ILA and ILWU
Monitoring the Ports  [PDF] AR 04-01 Lisa GrobarKristen Monaco A Study of Drayage at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 04-18 Christian Redfearn Transit Investment and the Capitalization of Access into Land Values
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 04-15 Fernando OrdonezKurt Palmer Confidence Intervals for Estimated Traffic Demand
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 04-13 Harry Richardson What Can We Learn from CTPP 2000? Neighborhood Attributes
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability  [PDF] 04-09 John Kuprenas Reduction of Construction Project Risks to Pedestrians
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 04-08 John Heidemann SURE-SE: Sensors for Unexpected Roadway Events: Simulation and Evaluation
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 04-06 Genevieve GiulianoTom O'Brien Evaluation of the Terminal Gate Appointment Systems at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Ports
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 04-05 Petros Ioannou Development of Methods for Handling Empty Containers with Applications in the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port Area
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 04-04 Hanh Dam Le Griffin Landside Surface Transportation Impact of Short Sea Shipping in Southern California
Safety, Security, & Vulnerability  [PDF] 04-03 Karl-Heinrich GroteMaria Yang Toward Evolution of Collective Sensory Systems for Intelligent Vehicles
Infrastructure  [PDF] 03-27 Maria TodorovskaMihailo Trifunac Methodology for Probalistic Assessment of Permanent Ground Displacement Across Earthquake Faults for the Transportation System
Mobility of Urban Population    03-25 Emelinda Parentela Development of An Artificial Intelligence Based Traffic Simulation Model Using The Discrete Element Method
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 03-24 Tridib Banerjee Increasing Bus Transit Ridership: Dynamics of Density
Infrastructure  [PDF] 03-23 James Elliott Moore II Improved Modeling of Network Transportation Flows
Mobility of Urban Population [HTML][PDF] 03-20 Peter GordonJames Elliott Moore IIHarry RichardsonChris Williamson Neighborhood Attributes and Commuting Behavior: Transit Choice
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 03-19 Harry Richardson Measuring California's Role in Supporting Interstate Goods Movement: Comprehensive Assessment of Interstate Freight Flows
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 03-18 Petros Ioannou Cooperative Optimum Time Window Generation for Cargo Delivery/Pick Up With Application to Container Terminals
Infrastructure    03-17 Erik Johnson Innovative Bridge Structural Health Monitoring Using Variable Stiffness and Damping Devices
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 03-13 Reza Toossi Hydrogen Storage System For Transportation Applications
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 03-07 Randolph Hall Freight Routing and Containerization in a Package Network that Accounts for Sortation Constraints and Costs
Infrastructure  [PDF] 03-06 Fernando Ordonez Robust Investment Decisions for Highway Capacity
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 03-01 Maged Dessouky A Novel Approach to Routing and Dispatching Trucks Based on Partial Information in a Dynamic Environment
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 01-16 Petros Ioannou Automated Container Transport System between Inland Port and Terminals
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 01-14 Peter GordonChris Williamson Developing and Testing Methodologies for the Evaluation of Highway Widening Plans to Facilitate Freight Flows Throughout a Major Metropolitan Area
Infrastructure [HTML][PDF] 01-10 Erik Johnson Smart Damping for Monitoring the Health of Bridge Structures
Mobility of Urban Population [HTML][PDF] 01-06 Maged Dessouky Green Transit Scheduler: A Methodology For Jointly Optimizing Cost, Service, And Environmental Performance In Demand-Responsive Transit Scheduling
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 01-05 Hanh Dam Le Griffin Reengineering the Logistics of Empty Cargo Containers in the SCAG Region
Infrastructure  [PDF] 01-03 Hung Leung Wong Analysis of Vibrations and Infrastructure Deterioration Caused by High-Speed Rail Transit
Mobility of Urban Population [HTML][PDF] 01-02 Hamid Rahai Reducing Pollutants from Mobile Sources
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 00-17 Joseph Magaddino Integrated Approach To Managing Local Container Traffic Growth in the Long Beach-Los Angeles Port Complex
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 00-16 Elias Kosmatopoulos Design and Optimization of a Conceptual Automated Yard Using Overhead Grid Rail System
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 00-15 Petros Ioannou Dynamic Optimization of Cargo Movement by Trucks in Metropolitan Area with Adjacent Ports
Mobility of Urban Population [HTML][PDF] 00-13 Satish Bukkapatnam Distributed Architecture of Real-Time Coordinators in Transit Networks
Mobility of Urban Population  [PDF] 00-12 Tridib Banerjee Freeway Bus Station Area Development: Critical Evaluation and Design Guidelines
Mobility of Urban Population [HTML][PDF] 00-11 Najmedin Meshkati Investigatin the Role of Driver Decision Styles in Highway-Rail Crossing Accidents
Mobility of Urban Population [HTML][PDF] 00-08 Genevieve Giuliano Travel Patterns for the Elderly
Mobility of Urban Population [HTML][PDF] 00-07 Reza Toossi Adsorption Air-Conditioning for Containership and Vehicles
Mobility of Urban Population [HTML][PDF] 00-06 Reza Toossi Assessment of Hybrid Vehicle Control Strategies in Planning Future Metropolitan/Urban Transit Systems
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 00-05 Emelinda Parentela Risk Modeling for Commercial Goods Transport
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 00-03 Randolph Hall Alternative Access and Locations for Air Cargo
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 99-27 Satish Bukkapatnam Dynamic Coordination Framework for Resource Allocation in Trucking Operations
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 99-25 Peter Gordon Assembling and Processing Freight Shipment Data: Developing a GIS-Based Origin Destination Matrix for Southern California Freight Flows
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 99-23 Ken James Non-Invasive Means of Investigating Container Contents for Custom Agents at Port
Mobility of Urban Population [HTML][PDF] 99-22 Tridib Banerjee Highway Oriented Transit System (HOTS): A Comprehensive Land Use-Transportation Strategy to Improve Transit Service Deliver
Mobility of Urban Population [HTML][PDF] 99-19 Reza Toossi Adsorption Air-Conditioning for Containerships and Vehicles
Mobility of Urban Population [HTML][PDF] 99-18 John Kuprenas Identification and Analysis of Local Agency Transit Project Performance Criteria
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 99-14 Behrokh Khoshnevis 3D Virtual and Physical Simulation of Automated Container Terminal Facilities and Analysis of Impace on In-Land Transportation
Mobility of Urban Population [HTML][PDF] 99-11 Genevieve Giuliano The Role of Public Transit in Mobility of Low Income Households
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 99-10 Dan BarberLisa Grobar Implementing a Statewide Goods Movement Strategy and Performance Measurement of Good Movement in California
Goods Movement & International Trade [HTML][PDF] 99-07 Petros Ioannou Modeling and Route Guidance of Trucks in Metropolitan Area
Goods Movement & International Trade  [PDF] 99-05 Paul Ronney Improving Fuel Economy and Emissions Performance of Commerical Goods Transportation and Mass Transit Vehicles Using Throttleless Engines
Mobility of Urban Population [HTML][PDF] 99-03 Maged Dessouky A Task Decomposition Model for Dispatchers in Dynamic Scheduling of Demand Responsive Transit Systems