Transportation System Optimization Workshop Presentations

                                            Transportation System Optimization Workshop Presentations


Presentation Title

Dr. Max Shen University of California, Berkeley Service Region Design for Urban Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems

Dr. Michael Zhang

University of California, Davis

Joint Traffic Routing and Signal Control

Dr. John Gunnar Carlsson University of Southern California Worst-case Demand Distributions in Transportation Problems
Dr. R. Jayakrishnan University of California, Irvine Peer-to-Peer Ride-Share Systems: Possibilities and Algorithms
Dr. Ketan Savla University of Southern California Stability Analysis and Control Synthesis for Dynamical Traffic Systems: from Microscopic to Macroscopic
Dr. Yue Yue Fan University of California, Davis Traffic Network Observability and Stochastic Estimation under Multiple Data Sources
Dr. Genevieve Giuliano University of Southern California Optimization in Real Transportation Systems
Dr. Rui Ma University of California, Davis Dynamic User Equilibrium in Continuous-time and Pricing Strategies for System Optimum
Dr. Petros Ioannou University of Southern California Load Balancing Using a Co-Simulation/Optimization/Control Approach
Dr. Fernando Ordonez Universidad de Chile Efficient Algorithms in the Redesign of an Emergency Dispatching System