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The METRANS Transportation Center has been conducting research since 1998. The table below includes all completed and current research projects. Research prior to 2012 was organized around four topic areas:  goods movement and international trade, mobility of urban populations, infrastructure, and safety, security and vulnerability.  These topic areas are preserved in the table. The research project database can be searched via keyword, topic area, year, or center. Click on the title for a description of the project. Final reports may also be downloaded from the table. 

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Center Topic Area Proj # PI Name Research Project
METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 11-26 Tang-Hung Nguyen

Noise Mapping of Container Terminals at the Port of Los Angeles

METRANS Infrastructure 11-25 Tariq Shehab-Eldeen

Cost Estimating Model for Sustainable Rehabilitation of Road Projects

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 11-24 Panadda Marayong

Computer-Aided Container Handling Assistance for Ergonomic Crane Operation

METRANS Infrastructure 11-21 Shadi Saadeh

Investigation of Fracture Properties of California Asphalt Concrete Mixtures

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 11-20 Chen Feng Ng

The Impact of the Economic Recession on Truck Traffic in Los Angeles

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 11-19 Xiaolong Wu

Multimodal Biometric Models for Improving the Productivity and Security of the Terminal Gates

METRANS Urban Mobility 11-14 Petros Ioannou

Dynamic Variable Speed Limit Control: Design, Analysis and Benefits

METRANS Urban Mobility 11-12 Tom O'Brien

Changing Workforce Development Needs for Regional Transit and Transportation Planning Agencies in California

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 11-10 Fernando Ordonez

A New Approach for Routing Courier Delivery Services

METRANS Urban Mobility 11-08 Christian Redfearn

Reconsidering the Impact of Access to Transit on Local Land Markets

METRANS Urban Mobility 11-06 Genevieve Giuliano

Accessibility, Location and Employment Center Growth

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 11-05 Martin Krieger

Application Development of Urban Tomography for Transportation Security at a major Los Angeles Transportation Hub (LATH)

METRANS Urban Mobility 11-04

Does Rail Transit Investment Encourage Retail Activity?

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 11-03 Peter Gordon

Freight Shipments, Greenhouse Gases and Polluting Emissions: Implications for California and the U.S.

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 10-26 Burkhard Englert

The Impact of Truck Repositioning on Congestion and Pollution in the LA Basin

METRANS Urban Mobility 10-25 Fei Wang

Optimize Pollutant Emissions through Adaptive Highway Management

METRANS Infrastructure 10-24 Shadi Saadeh

Development of Quality Control Test Procedure for Characterizing Fracture

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 10-20 Hamid Rahai

The Effects of Distortion on Trajectory of Diesel Particulate Matter (PM) from Mobile Sources

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 10-16 Viktor Prasanna

Workflow Synthesis and Management for Integrated Traffic Simulation Experiments

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 10-14 Chin Chang

Development of Fiber Optic Sensor Networks for Transportation Infrastructure Monitoring