Location: Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Seoul, Korea

The Korea Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) has been developing the comprehensive plan for the national logistics innovation. The MOLIT and the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) co-hosted a workshop on March 18th in 2015. The workshop intended to discuss and share the ideas on the policy directions to promote the logistics innovation efficiently and effectively. Twenty four logistics professionals including government officials, research fellows, professors and company executive directors and staffs participated in the workshop so as to discuss and share ideas in three main sessions: logistics services and welfare, logistic regulation and market, and vision and challenges of logistics innovation. Through this workshop, five major strategies are discussed so as to develop and draw more than twenty agenda and tasks for the logistics innovation at the national and local level. 

Sang Beom Seo, Research Fellow, Department of Logistics Research, The KOTI presented the overview of national logistics innovation master plan.  Seung Ju Jeong, Senior Research Fellow, Director of Department of Logistics Research, and Hong Seung Roh and Taihyeong Lee, Research Fellows, Department of Logistics Research, The KOTI led each session’s discussion.