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METRANS Transportation Center University of Southern California California State University Long Beach

The purpose of the 3rd National Urban Freight Conference 2009 is to examine the impacts of goods movement and international trade in metropolitan areas.  It was held on October 21-23, 2009 at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach, California.  

A Call for Abstracts (CFA) was issued across the United States and throughout the world with abstracts due by July 15, 2009. We are genuinely pleased with the response from both the academic and practitioner community.

The first National Urban Freight Conference in 2006 afforded researchers and practitioners a unique opportunity to consider the “urban side” of freight across many disciplines.  We continued that opportunity in 2007 for the second National Urban Freight Conference held in December, 2007. Our understanding of how freight and international trade affect urban areas remains limited.  The distribution of economic and environmental impacts across metropolitan areas merits further documentation.  The tools for modeling and forecasting freight flows within regions are not well developed.  The nature of the goods movement supply chain is still poorly understood, and implications of the supply chain logic for urban areas are only developing.

The papers and presentations will be on any aspect of urban goods movement.  Major topical areas include:

  1. Models for transportation, port, air, intermodal operation;, impact analysis
  2. Port operations and productivity
  3. Trucking/air/rail economics and logistics, productivity, labor issues
  4. Local and regional environmental externalities:  congestion, air quality, etc.
  5. Policy and institutional issues in urban goods movement
  6. Security/vulnerability of goods movement
  7. Best practices/lessons learned

Spotlight Sessions topics include:

  • Freight and Livability
  • Ports and Regions in Comparison
  • Port Technologies and Modeling Tools
  • What Researchers Need to Know About Industry